At Szion Medical Coding and Consulting, LLC, our mission is to optimize healthcare practices by providing top-quality services, streamlining workflows, and ensuring compliance. We prioritize both profitability and compassionate care, allowing medical staff to focus on patient satisfaction. With a commitment to integrity and ethical decision-making, we stay up-to-date with industry standards and regulations. Our dedicated team values honesty, transparency, and personalized solutions tailored to each unique practice. We understand the complexities of the healthcare system and are here to guide you through challenges with expertise and empathy.

Meet Our Team

Tara Lallier, CHONC
Tara Lallier, CHONC

Szion Medical Coding and Consulting, LLC was founded by Tara Lallier, CHONC, and former CMBS.

Tara brings over 25 years of extensive experience in the Healthcare Industry to Szion Medical Coding and Consulting, LLC. Specializing in General Practice Management Solutions, Workflow Solutions, Hematology/Oncology Coding, and Radiation Oncology Treatment Coding, Tara's expertise is highly sought-after. Her passion lies in Hematology/Oncology I&I coding and Patient Advocacy within the Oncology Arena.
Embarking on her healthcare journey at the age of 19, Tara has navigated through diverse roles within the healthcare landscape, acquiring invaluable skills along the way.

Her journey culminated in the establishment of Szion Medical Coding and Consulting, LLC in 2021, where she offers her expertise and subject knowledge to professionals seeking guidance.
A native of Florida, Tara hails from Orlando and currently resides on the "Space Coast" with her family. Outside of work, she enjoys indulging in art, gardening, and beach outings during her downtime.

Gloria Ataga
Gloria Ataga, CPC

Gloria Ataga is the driving force behind Glow Market-Verse, serving as its Founder. With a diverse background spanning digital marketing, business management, and healthcare administration, Gloria brings years of experience to her role. Holding certificates in Medical Coding and Billing, Digital Marketing, and E-commerce Specialization, she remains steadfast in her commitment to continuous learning and skill enhancement.

Throughout her career, Gloria has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of digital marketing in propelling businesses forward, irrespective of their size. However, she has also recognized the challenges that hinder many business owners from embracing the digital landscape. This realization fueled her vision to establish her own digital marketing company, with a mission to assist businesses in overcoming obstacles and establishing a robust online presence.
Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Applied Business Management at Brigham Young University Idaho, Gloria's dedication to lifelong learning enriches her expertise.
Originally from Nigeria (Edo state), Gloria now resides in Port Harcourt city, Rivers state. Besides her work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, finding inspiration in those around her.

Kristen Beekman
Kristen Beekman, CNA

Kristen Beekman is located in Space Coast, Florida. When she's not working, Kristen enjoys listening to audiobooks and spending time with her children. She has been a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) since 2016 and is currently preparing to take her Certified Coding Associate (CCA) exam. Previously, Kristen worked as a medical assistant for an Internal Medicine doctor, where she was later promoted to office manager. During her two years as office manager, Kristen efficiently managed administrative tasks and patient accounts.

Amber Short
Amber Short, CPC

Amber Short’s career in healthcare started back in 2004 when she attended the School for Medical Assisting. For the following 16 years, she worked as a phlebotomist, gaining valuable experience and expertise in the field.

Driven by her passion for healthcare administration, Kristen pursued a career in Medical Billing and Coding and currently holds her CPC.

Originally from California, Kristen spent most of her childhood in rural Iowa. Now, she calls Titusville, Florida, her home, where she resides with her husband. Outside of work, Kristen finds joy in spending quality time with her children, whether it's exploring the beautiful beaches or immersing themselves in nature. They especially love exploring the breathtaking springs and diverse wildlife that Florida has to offer.

Our Mentorship Program

At SMCC, we take great pride in offering mentorship to individuals and business owners seeking guidance in the dynamic domains of healthcare business processes. The SMCC team prides itself on versatile expertise spanning various fields deriving immense satisfaction from mentoring individuals and fostering their personal and professional growth. If you want to learn more about our Mentorship Program, please send a copy of your updated resume, a short biography, and an explanation of why you feel a mentorship would help your career journey.
Email: [email protected]

Connect with Smcc's team of experts to receive tailored guidance and uncover effective strategies to elevate your business endeavors. Allow them to be your mentor on the path to optimal business improvement—all at no cost.

Are you prepared to transform your healthcare journey? Secure your spot for an enriching mentorship experience with SMCC!